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DKA/INN Sealed #1: A Hell of a Pool   2 comments

And by hell of a pool, I mean hella awful.

This was my first dip into the water of Dark Ascension/Innistrad limited, as I didn’t want to waste extra money on the rather inflated prerelease prices and I haven’t been able to get to my local playgroup recently. Here’s the pool (click for full-size):



As you can imagine, I wasn’t thrilled at first glance. Still, to pick out the bones…

White:  There are some decent cards here, but the colour is just too shallow. The only really exciting cards are the Niblis of the Urn and Loyal Cathar, with the rest of them being very average, which doesn’t really draw me to the colour. We didn’t really open any bombs in it either, so it looks like White is out.

Blue: Although we have a lot more cards in Blue, it’s very shallow. The geists, both Stormbound and Tower are very good and I wish there were more of them, but there isn’t Claustrophobia is also nice. But the rest devolves into a mish-mash of Frightful Delusions and Saving Grasps. Let’s hope things pick up…

Red: They do! Red seems to be our best colour, with one good rare in Flayer of the Hatebound and one bomb in Hellrider. We’ve also got some removal with Wrack with Madness (A card that everytime I play, I can’t help but think “Stop hitting yourself!”) and Geistflame, with some bodies that I don’t mind sticking in my 40, such as Nearheath Stalker, Ashmouth Hound and Hanweir Watchkeep. The strongest colour so far that I’ll be keeping my eye on- but it’s still a bit shallow.

Black: Aha! There’s a lot of removal! A Boneflinger and Banshee, backed up by a Dead Weight and Tragic Slip is exactly what I’m looking for- a lot of card that play well together in the same colour, making Black stand out straight away. Things improve even further with Falkenrath Noble, one of the best cards to get in Black and a pet card of mine that I think is slightly underrated, Undying Evil. For one black mana, the card pulls a lot of weight and can make a lot of games swing completely in your favour.

Green: There are only 9 Green cards. 3 are Crushing Vines. Will not be playing.

Gold+Artifacts: Diregraf Captain doesn’t have enough support here unforunately, as it’s one of the better lords, but the artifacts provide some good offerings with Warden of the Wall, Blazing Torch- and of course, Galvanic Juggernaut.

After some time looking, it seemed that our biggest problem was a serious lack of depth to our pool. Black and Red seemed the best colour combination- ending up like this:

The deck wasn’t looking great to me. We had one great bomb and a fair amount of removal…but if we didn’t draw Hellrider, how were we winning? (As it turned out- unless we were flinging a Flayer, we weren’t). There was a serious lack of 2 and 3 drops, leading to the somewhat questionable inclusion of Erdwal Rippers, which as you can imagine…didn’t end well. Things went a 1-3, although I believe all of them were 2-1’s- and most of the time we won a game it was because of Hellrider- that card is seriously good. All the games it won, I was seriously behind- but it forces your opponent to get on the defensive, quickly.


I’ll be back with more sealeds soon, hopefully. Starting a new job that is taking up a lot of time!


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