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Random Card Design #13: Chaos Entity   Leave a comment

Is this card too good?


Random Card Design #11: Wings of Eternity   2 comments

Don’t think this has been done before- would it be too powerful? Too vulnerable and weak? Not fast enough? Thoughts please!

Edit: It has since been pointed out to me that this should really be “Sacrifice Wings of Eternity”, rather than “Destroy Wings of Eternity.”

Posted April 15, 2012 by drafterildal in Card Designs

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Random Card Design #10: Weeping Song   Leave a comment

Been listening to a bit of Nick Cave, hence this!

Posted April 13, 2012 by drafterildal in Card Designs

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Random Card Design #9- Favour of the Blessed   Leave a comment

Random Card Design #8: No Show   Leave a comment

A cute little Unsummon variant here. I like this as a simple way to give blue some combat tricks that suit the colour. Not a constructed card, but one that I think would have it’s role in limited,¬†perhaps.

Random Card Design #7: Wipe from Existence   Leave a comment

Toying with black exile here- I’ve always liked that Black very rarely gets exile, but when it does- it is to signify cruelty. To not only kill you but wipe away all traces that you ever were and ever took breath. This is what this card tries to achieve. I like the idea of combining the effects of staple cards and trying to repackage them as a whole- and this feels like an unholy marriage of Surgical Extraction and O-Ring. There’s possibly a problem with the wording here, but after delving through the Gatherer I couldn’t find anything that does this, so this is my best shot at it. The card feels rare and should be- you don’t want too many of these running around in limited, after all. I don’t think that it feels Mythic enough to justify that slot, though.

Posted January 19, 2012 by drafterildal in Card Designs, Magic Design

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Random Card Design #6: Circle of Life   Leave a comment

Some top-down design today. Not sure if there’s ever been a card similar to this printed trying to capture “life’s circle” or something, but this card aims to do that. It hopefully feels very green and feels full of ¬†flavour!