Random Card Design #11: Wings of Eternity   2 comments

Don’t think this has been done before- would it be too powerful? Too vulnerable and weak? Not fast enough? Thoughts please!

Edit: It has since been pointed out to me that this should really be “Sacrifice Wings of Eternity”, rather than “Destroy Wings of Eternity.”


Posted April 15, 2012 by drafterildal in Card Designs

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2 responses to “Random Card Design #11: Wings of Eternity

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  1. Perhaps it might work better as a single triggered ability: “Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, sacrifice Wings of Eternity. If you do, you may take an extra turn after this one.” Note that the sacrifice is not optional, nor can you order the triggers to your advantage. That would prevent shenanigans with bounce/flicker/stifle effects, and make it much more difficult to set up an infinite loop. That said, even with that wording, it’s still not printable with this casting/equip cost, since it’s an effect that only one color really gets, and for only two more mana than the standard cost for a spell with the same effect (3UU). It should probably cost at about 5 to cast and 5 to equip, or 6 and 4.

    • Firstly- thanks for the feedback, it’s always appreciated.

      I do like the single trigger suggestion. It reads and sounds a lot cleaner that way, so I’ll implement that change if I ever use it any future articles/custom sets. It possibly should have a higher equip cost- although I fear that 5 and 5 may be too high. 6 and 4 sounds quite good though, so I’ll toy with that if I get around to playtesting the card. Good feedback, a lot of stuff I hadn’t though about. Thanks again David!

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